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About Me
I've owned Hybrid Fusion design for about 17 years now, but I've been creating websites and artworks for well over 12 years on a computer. I've been an artist my entire life really, ever since I was able to hold a crayon I was drawing, and pretty much all throughout school I've always taken art classes. My art has been viewed in several galleries in the United States, Europe and Australia, and I currently sell a few prints of my digital artworks on zazzle.com.

I've lived in Texas my entire life and I live in Kingwood now. Although art still majorly influences my life and what I do, my work tends to go towards web development now. I currently work doing XML and XSL development with ColdFusion, ASP or PHP, so that takes up quite a bit of time on most days, not to mention my constant need to learn new stuff.
About this Website
All of the graphics for the website (of the minimal amount done) were created with Adobe Photoshop, and all of the coding was done with Notepad. The entire website layout is positioned using CSS and DIV's.

I encourage anyone to view the source for this website and learn from it, that includes both the HTML and the CSS. All of the coding for this website that you can see in the source you can feel free to use. If you have any questions about the site, or how exactly something works feel free to ask, there are plenty of ways to contact me listed on my contact page. The links at the very bottom of this website just below the copyright information, are links to validate the various coding and accessibility aspects of this website. As far as I'm aware every bit of it validates how it should, so if something doesn't validate and I've happened to miss it feel free to let me know.

The PHP file that I have linked above will generate different CSS depending on which rendering engine your browser uses. Since Gecko-based browsers allow the use of certain enhanced CSS elements and have small differences in margins and such, different CSS will be used for Gecko.
Access Keys
Access keys have been used throughout this website to enhance your browsing experience. By simply holding down the ALT and SHIFT keys plus a number from the list below, the page will be directed to a specific section of the website. The keys for each section are as follows:

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